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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Color Theme #16: Donna Wilson

A little bit of throw-back..

Went to the Donna Wilson exhibition and pop-up store a while back and I was blown away by her colorful and quirky creations!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Color Theme #15: Dreams?

They are like fluffy white clouds.
Beautiful. Sometimes growing. Sometimes fleeting.
It does not matter,
Even if we have become shriveled,
We still reach out for them.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Weekly Color Theme #14: Egg Dish?

A while ago, we brought our puppy to its first grooming session. While the pup was having its spa time, Ed and I (plus Ed's sis) decided to hang out at a nearby cafe for lunch. I ordered this pretty delicious egg tomato dish..

This is the color combination that the Adobe Color app generated...

Which isn't the best color combo out there...

The odd thing was the app decided to give me another combination the second time I tried (both using the 'colorful' option)...

Um.. Slightly more palatable?

May Illustrations

I guess May has been quite a productive month for illustrating? All artworks done on Arches hot-pressed watercolor paper with ink and/or watercolor.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Weekly Color Theme #13 - Painted Stairway

Recently, I attended the "Etsy Meets Singapore" event which was held at a place located along the road where my previous workplace used to be. Sadly, the shop-house was sold and our office had to be shifted elsewhere.

The shop-house is now a chic indie-looking eating place called Potato Head Folk. Doors that led to individual units were torn down to make way for wide entrances to different eating areas. What used to be just a plain old concrete stairway is now dressed in painted prints..

Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Color Theme #12: Eclectic Chopsticks

Sorry for the 2-week hiatus!

Anyway, this week's color theme is a colorful combo of these eclectic mix of chopsticks found in this dimly-lit (but arty) Vietnamese restaurant.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Making Good: Weaving Embroidery Mending . Geometric Forms

I am so honored to be invited again by the wonderful Agatha from Green Issues by Agy to jump on board her new blogging train: Making Good.

And so, I have this favorite sports skort (skirt + shorts combo) of mine which has served me well over the past half a decade. It is so well-worn that unsightly tears are starting to show up...

I have been itching to try this intriguing weaving + embroidery technique which I have seen on Pinterest. It is originally a darning technique but tweaked to be used on woven fabrics.

I quickly did up a sampler to get a feel of how the technique works as well as to decide the weight of thread that I wanted to use.

I finalized on using a double-stranded needle with a single strand of DMC embroidery thread. The process was tedious but the end results were quite cool!

Materials and tools used are embroidery hoop,  DMC embroidery threads, mending patch, embroidery needle and a pair of scissors.

I got this mending patch from Daiso to act as a stabilizer. But, alas, it wasn't the most pleasant material to work with on my light-weight skort fabric.

In hindsight, I should have just used pieces of light-weight cotton (serged on the edges) as my stabilizers.

I selected some muted colors (pretty close in color value to the gray base of my skort) for the embroidery threads since I am going for a more subtle look (lest I made a glaring bad mistake which will stand out like a sore thumb) .

I first patched the holes with the Daiso mending patch.

I stretched the section which I wanted to embroider on with the embroidery hoop. Then, I drew in the shapes (with a water and air erasable pen) which would eventually be darned over.

Once the major holes are ment, I slowly built up the design with more embroidery and weaves.

And here is the final result!

On me

Here is a little video demonstration that I have made to show the basic concept of surface darning (weaving + embroidery). Enjoy! (I've used a single-threaded needle here instead. And looks like I have accidentally mispelt 'straighten'... Oops..!)

The very creative Yaney went beyond thinking outside of the box and made herself a spanking new pair of insoles for her shoes with a common material which one might not even think of! Do check her post out!

Next in the line of this blog train will be Karen from Rude Record. She is big on living in a frugal manner and her life is revolving around thrifting, upcycling and refashioning without losing style! Can't wait to see her project!

 photo MakingGood_zpsizxmugcf.png

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy on "Making Good". What is repair, and why do we even bother to repair the things we have?  Some see repair as a way of reconnecting with our possessions as we extend their lives. Others see it as a form of creative potential and an avenue to express their craft.  The rewards for mending varies from feeling immense satisfaction to prolonging the life of the product. Follow the “Making Good” blog train this month and see what we have repaired and reconnected with. Have you mended anything today?
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