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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Summer Scales Almost-a-cube Coin Pouch Made-to-order!

Hi all! I'm having another made-to-order for this scaly but cute one! Hop to my Etsy shop if you're interested in getting one~~

Thursday, July 03, 2014

What I Have Been Up to Part 2: Not Quite A Farmer (Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market)

Last Saturday and Sunday, I had the honor to participate in our country's first ever authentic Farmers' market as a vendor selling handmade craft items, with tremendous help from Ed on both days. Despite the market being located at the heart of our only countryside called Kranji, turnout was better than anyone expected and the market was a roaring success. We didn't do all that bad either. =)

About a couple of months back, I was invited by the Kranji Countryside Association to join as a vendor for the market. I had my initial doubts, but Ed egged me on to participate. I could have started preparing for the market quite early on, but yarn bombing and craft partying decided to get in the way. =P

So, right after the Etsy Craft Party, I had to start thinking of what to make and sell for the market, while (at the same time) being busy with new items for the Etsy shop and other commitments on weekends. It's nothing short of a miracle that I managed to keep myself afloat those few weeks and got the things all done in time. (It'll be nice if I could create kage bunshins.. Any Naruto readers out there? The manga's getting weirder and weirder by the moment.. Ok, I'm digressing..)

My signature Almost-a-cube coin pouches in a new assortment of fabric designs

Made a few fabric eco-bags (that look like plastic bags). Sold out the bags with cat prints on them.

Emulating a plastic bag. But prettier (I do love my steampunk.. at least for this bag), and more eco-friendly.

We had a slow start on Day 1 (which kinda affected my mood a little) but everything picked up after. Really appreciate the couple of friends and my dear supporter (you know who you are, gal!) who made all their way down to support Rhinestic's Knick Knacks. Thank you to all the lovely souls for your kind words and of course the greatest thank yous to all who made their purchases from my booth (I know a few of you came back to make another round of purchase. I couldn't thank you enough! And I must really apologize again to the lady who came back for a second purchase and I had a momentary memory breakdown. I guess my facial recognition mechanism fails when I start feeling tired. Or maybe I'm just getting old... :/  )

Part of my booth. There were buttons, pins and necklaces too!

All in all, it had been a great experience. My only gripe is that we didn't have the time to walk around the market and enjoy the yummies!

(All the items that I sold at the market were made especially for the event. But I will be listing similar items in my Etsy shop soon! Do stay tuned for shop updates!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What I Have Been Up to Part 1: Ceramic Knitting Bowl WIP

More than a week ago, my friend and I signed up for a 2-session "Clay Gift" class at Clay Street, a local ceramic clay school.

I went to the class, with some great ideas in my head revolving around some accessory pieces (I actually penned them down on a torn page from my Ideas book and brought it there..). Boy was I kinda bumped when Mr Chew, our teacher, recommended making bowls or mugs instead.

My slight disappointment quickly dissipated when I actually got hooked to the manual potter's wheel. We were taught the pinch and coil method together with using the potter's wheel and tools to shape and smooth our clay piece. Aside from the occasional clueless "what am I supposed to do?" moments, I was pretty much into Zen mode (or perhaps it's just the hypnotic spinning wheel at work..)

After some finishing touches done so effortlessly by Mr. Chew, I suddenly had a eureka moment. I don't need a normal bowl, but a knitting bowl is something I have been wisting for a long time! With a bit of guidance from Mr. Chew, I managed to "puncture" a hole into my bowl with this "arrow-like" scalpel the fettling knife when the clay was in leather-hard stage.

On top of that, I managed to add 2 clay buttons and 1 round clay blank to my entourage of clay pieces. I was one really happy camper!

I should have turned the "holed" side to the front...

Our pieces are currently in the process of slow drying (not sure if they'll go for their first bisque firing..). Still waiting for the follow-up call from Mr. Chew so we can go down for our second session when we'll be doing the (sanding?), glazing and final firing. Can't wait!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

One More Downloadable Card in the Shop!

Just in time for Father's Day tomorrow! (Or the day after, depending on where you are)

Also a 3" x 6" card, inclusive of envelope template and a couple of faux washi tape deco! All you need is some cardstocks and papers, cutting tools, adhesive and some brads! (It'll be nice if you have something like a bone folder or ruler to press down the folds on the envelope nicely.) Hop to my shop if you are interested in this!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Made to Order! Summery Lime Chevrons Almost-a-Cube Coin Pouch

Hey peeps, my Almost-a-Cube coin pouch is finally making an appearance in my shop. I'm having a made-to-order for this cute summery-looking pouch.

The pouch measures about 2" x 2" x 2" and is fully lined. Do allow up to 5 days for the pouch to be made! If you fancy one of these, do pop by my shop here!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Couple of New Items in the Shop

First up is an instant download! Father's Day is coming very soon this weekend, so if you need a last minute but cool-looking card, you might want to get this card + envelope + envelope liner combo that I had designed.

This set will look best if printed on kraft cardstock and paper. Besides Father's Day, this card also makes a good general birthday/gift card for Dads. =)

I still have a couple more card sets still in the process of designing which will be suitable for Father's Day. I just hope they will be up in time for people to buy, print and gift.

Next up in the shop is a pack of Paper Boat in Bottle button shanks.

I think they will go very well on outfits or accessories that are nautical themed. Also perfect for adorning scrapbooking pages or handmade cards that are of similar themes.

Do take a look!

Yarn Bombing, Crafty Partying and Some Computer Break Down in Between

Hola and a Konnichiwa~

Amidst the frantic search for a new laptop after the total abrupt death of my 6-year-old one, I had been busy with yarn bombing and some craft partying.

I had posted in an earlier post about some of the squares that I'd made. Here are all my squares laid out!

The yarn bombing session was held at our local Science Center and our target was the Apatosaurus dinosaur at the entrance. Objective was to join the squares to form a long enough scarf to wrap round the neck of the dinosaur.. Yes, even in this (warmer than usual) tropical heat. =D

Busy joining the colorful squares

A section of the scarf that we've joined

Keeping the dinosaur even warmer. hee.

Pranking on the T-rex isn't a very good idea...

Almost immediately after the yarn bombing project, I had to jump into prepping for the next event. 6th June was a special day for Etsy members around the world when we would all celebrate crafting in our very own local Etsy Craft Parties. The craft party here in Singapore was organized by the lovely sisters from SimplyForLove and they had kindly invited me to join. AND, I was excited enough to help. 

All the volunteers are also Etsy sellers, so each of us had to represent our shops and contribute something to the goodie bags.. After some contemplating, I thought I should make something that could be done in a big batch at once... Like screenprinting my calico fabric to make 50-worth of fabric-covered buttons and then hand-drawing on each and every one of them..... I know... That's not exactly batch-making..

Made 50 of these!

The backings for the buttons were handmade too.. They were all hand-punched and then free-handed with herringbone designs. I also designed and printed postcards to go with the buttons.

It took some time but I had fun packing these! (Photo by SimplyForLove)

We were expecting some reporters from various media as well, and each seller was requested to provide some sort of media kit. I already had an idea of the concept I wanted, so designing the booklets was quite a breeze. The only hard part was the cutting and assembling..

More about these booklets in another post!

We had 4 different craft stations at the craft party itself. 

Photo by SimplyForLove

There's the Mod Podge Photo on Wood station, Stamping with Rubber Stamps station, Embroidery on Photo station and Photo Transfer on Wood station. I was placed at the Mod Podge station to help out. I am not exactly an expert at Mod Podge, considering my experience extends to only prepping and sealing items before using them with resin.... But it was fun and I also learnt the do's and don'ts in the process of teaching.

Crafting in progress. (Love the dress!)

Managed to grab some yummies!

Lots of rubber stamps! All hand-carved by the talented Jo from Lovesprouts!

And finally all of us took a big group photo to commemorate this special day of crafting!

Job well done to SimplyForLove and the rest of us volunteers =)

Phew! This is a really long post! ... And ... I just realized that I missed the deadline for the Sewing Indie Month challenge.... And I've not even started! D: (I've chosen and bought the pattern though..) I guess I'll still proceed with the challenge (for myself) but with an indefinite deadline... LOL?
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