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Monday, September 21, 2015

Shop Reopen and Art Prints Giveaway on Instagram!

After a month's plus hiatus, my Etsy shop's finally re-opened! Phew~

And not just that, I have added some spanking new art prints to my shop! Do go there and check them out if you have been coveting (I hope!) my artworks!

Also, I have 3 limited edition art prints to give away! Hop on over to my Instagram posts here, here and here to participate!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kimono for the Pooch

Sewn this way back in early August just in time for my sis-in-law's wedding. The poochy princess needed to have something nice to wear to the wedding too, right?

The model pose..

Sewing pattern: Milla Milla Kimono pattern for dogs
Fabric: Double gauze cotton for main body, quilting cotton for han-eri and obi
Notions: Velcro, thin ribbon
Notes: Added a faux han-eri and tweaked the way the bottom panel is attached to the top bodice for a nicer finish.

The overlapped 'front'

Finished 'inside'

Crafting Quick Tips: Printing Thick Papers That Are Smaller than Letter Size on Epson R2000

Hi hi Peeps! It's been a couple of months since I've last updated my blog (and shop..)! Have been really busy with my sis-in-law's wedding over here and at Germany, and before I know it, 2 months have passed!

Anyway, recently, I have been making some art prints using my (technically, it's the husband's) new Epson R2000 printer and Harman 300gsm fine art papers. Everything went well when I was doing the A4 prints. However, when I tried going down 2 sizes to 8" x 10", things became bonkers....

Firstly, my printer settings refused to let me choose anything 8" x 10" and smaller with the manual rear feed.. So I thought about leaving it as A4, but shifting my print to the top-left most corner, so it will still print correctly in my 8" x 10" paper. But you know what? That didn't work since most of the time, the printer would be complaining about paper jam. I was perplexed!

In the end, what really worked was putting a piece of A4 (or letter-sized) carrier sheet behind my 8" x 10" paper. The carrier sheet can be any office printing paper. Just make sure that the art paper is placed at the position where it's going to be printed. For my case, within the print settings in Photoshop, I still chose the A4 size and I placed the print at the top-left corner. Over at the printer, my 8" x 10" paper was flushed to the bottom-right side of the carrier sheet before both were pushed through the rear feed.

Kind of finicky, but at least, it works.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clothing for the Pooch in the House

I have just sent Akiko for her first full grooming, and it's a tad shocking to see her missing that coat of voluminous (but tangled at the wrong places) fur... She's now a scrawny-looking little Bambi...

Coincidentally, I chanced upon Milla Milla while searching for youtube videos on sewing yukata for dogs. It's a Japan-based dog wear patterns shop and they have free patterns for the basic tank and hoodie (It's also a good way to test which size fits your dog better before purchasing any of their patterns).

Between SS and S sizes, I couldn't tell which would fit Akiko better so I made a muslin out of the smaller size first.

As you can see, I did the muslin before she had her fur chopped off. Despite the ridiculously poofy fur she had, the SS size fitted her pretty well.

With that, I made another with a hoodie.

She looks pretty chic and sporty, ready for the hot months ahead!

And yes, I did purchase their Yukata pattern for SS-sized dogs.. I still need to study more dog wear patterns before I can draft any on my own..

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Color #18: Magical Flower?

We've been spotting lots of interesting flowers and plants recently at our nearby park! And here's one of them!

Have no idea what plant it belongs to, but it sure looks magical enough..!

Loving the color scheme for this one!

Weekly Color #17: Colors of Upcycling

I had the pleasure in assisting Agatha from Green Issues by Agy with her 4-session upcycling workshop at a secondary school. In our last session, we got the students to upcycle some bottle and jar caps into charms and magnets.

June Illustrations

I'll blame it on my birthday month for the drastic decrease in illustrations as compared to May....

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