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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

O' Crafty Day #8 - Acting cute in Kitty Hat


PhotobucketThis kitty is sleeping..

PhotobucketHow the hat looks like flat..


Yarn: Tosca Lang Yarn
Hook Size: 4.5mm

I followed the pattern here exactly before I reached the popcorn stitch row.

Instead of just doing the popcorn stitch for just the front of the hat, I did one full row... (I think my head is smaller... *_* ). For this first popcorn stitch row, I did skip a dc before and after one popcorn stitch...

For the next row, I did a row of sc. I then continue another row of popcorn stitch, but without skipping any single stitches this time. The columns of popcorn stitches would have a slanted look in the finished hat (quite a cool effect..).

I then randomly searched for a flapper hat tutorial in craftster to create the ear flaps. I attached yarn to each side of the hat, and continue crocheting the ear flaps. It's basically doing decreases to get the ear flap shape.

The final part was doing the pom poms, and connecting the pom poms to the hat. =)

Ya know, I think I'm better off acting cool than act cute.. LOLs..


Rin 。 said...

meow! hahas!
Happy new yeaR!!!

Yuuki said...


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