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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That 70s Hippy Dress

Pardon my mask! Wouldn't want to scare my readers away with my red eyes. (Was "ordered" by my doctor to take medical leave today less I spread my conjunctivitis to someone else..)


A little lesson learnt: When dealing with bold prints, it's better to re-plan how to place the pattern pieces instead of following the "recommended" placement used in the pattern instructions, especially with front and back pieces that have separate left and right sides. I did plan the overall look of the dress but I was a little bummed when I realized that my 2 front pieces landed on almost the same section of the border print.



A slightly closer look at the interesting collar.


No direct looking at the camera either! Lol.. *squint with swollen eyes*

Sewing notes:
Material: Lightweight cotton, lightweight interfacing
Notions: -
Pattern: McCall 4093 (1970s vintage pattern)
Other notes: I sewed the facings down to the wrong side of the dress using blind stitches so they stay flat.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Rhinestic!

I'm a Spanish blogger, so if I'm wrong with any aspect of your language, sorry in advance.

I think your blog is very creative, so I follow you

Can you see my blog and give me you opinion? I would be very grateful

Thaks, and I read you!

i heart fabric said...

Wow this is amazing I love this dress. You have done such a great job with the placement of the print its a really beautiful dress. Looks so pretty on you and love the masked photo!

Rhinestic said...

Thank you! =)

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