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Monday, May 03, 2010

Jump Jump... My Kangaroo Tunic

My messy bed.. LOL.. This is called character, yeah?

Pattern: Kangaroo Tunic By Wenlan Chia
Yarn: 9 skeins of Sirdar Big Softie (441.0 yards)
Needle Size: 10mm
Pattern notes:
Used the pattern for large to get gauge for XS size (No. of stitches casted on) Re-calculated the no. of rows needed.

Lesson learnt: Do not knit when you're feeling sleepy... Even if the stitches are simple.. I accidentally dropped a stitch when joining the pocket to the body and I didn't realise it until at the end when I was doing the ribbings... I also shouldn't have used the knit and weave method when joining another skein of yarn at the collar... =\


jeanne said...

你穿这个不热吗?- -

Rhinestic said...


Anonymous said...

oh...那会不会冷= =哈哈哈

Rhinestic said...

Yah, but I'll be wearing long sleeves and a winter jacket....

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