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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blouse WIP - The 1m Fabric "Challenge"


Pattern: New Look 6407 View E

Yes, I managed to make the blouse out of a 45" wide, 95cm long fabric... I had to combine fabric for the facing though.. I still need to adjust the pattern a little so as to have a slightly better fit for future use (Actually, this is a trial piece before really touching my 1m Liberty fabric..).

And it's still a WIP coz I still need to finish some small parts at the collar and facing.. =P

p.s. I think I'm repeating myself but I'm totally loving my new sewing machine! Sewing buttonholes and buttons is now a breeze, and the ability to adjust the sewing speed to low means I have nicer darts and more even hems! <3

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