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Monday, July 11, 2011

Marine Tie-front Dress

Ala mociun dress~~ Action shots!

I know. This pose looks strange.. As if I were peering through something.. But anyway, this view shows the side pocket and the tie-front better...

Some info bits
Pattern: For the top bodice, I've altered the top bodice of a dress pattern from the 2007 summer vol. of Pochee (Japanese sewing mag). For the skirt portion, it's just 2 large rectangle. As for the pockets, they are just simple pocket-shaped pieces. The ties have a seam at the center-back, so that the whales are not upside down on one side.
Material: Cotton (medium thickness)
Notions: None
Notes: Added side pockets. I pretty much did the collar/tie-front the kimono way as it's the neatest method. However, as the neckline on my back bodice is a little too wide, the kimono-style collar does not stay flat on my back. (If you know how the kimono collar works, it'll either stick up or flop a bit to show the nape of the neck.) I ended up taking in the sides a little from the collar (where the shoulder seams meet)

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