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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short cape with hood


Finally! A finished knitted project for the year... == Which is like.. Miserable. Anyway on with a couple of photos..


No front shot of me coz my home clothes don't match the cute cape!...

Anyway, this cape isn't for me. It's an early birthday gift for xzz... Hopefully, she gets to use it during the Tokyo trip. But I'm a little dissatisfied with the hood. The way used by the book to do increases created holes... Sigh.. Should have used another way of increasing.. But anyway, it looks cute on the whole.. Too bad I don't have the time to block the cape..

Pattern: Short cape with hood (フードつきのショートケープ)
Book: 今編んで着たいニット (Ima Ande Kitai Nitto)
Needle size: 10mm
Yarn: Sirdar Big Softie
No. of balls: About 4.5
Note: There must be something wrong with my eyes... Instead of doing a 3-stitch wide garter border, I did a 2-stitch wide one.. I've used normal long-tail cast-on instead of the cast-on recommended by the book (using waste yarn to knit the first few rows, then start knitting the piece. After finishing knitting the garment, remove the waste yarn, and insert knitting needle through the loops and do a normal bind-off... I've forgotten what the name of this cast-on is called...) I've used 3-needle bind-off to finish off the hood instead of using a tapestry needle (that's big enough.... I don't have one!) to sew the ends together.

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