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Friday, March 21, 2008

Simple Cabled Motorola Razor Mobile Phone Cozy

It's time for the Motorola handphone cover that came with my Razor to RIP... The pink fabric layer near the button was peeling like mad... So to end the misery of this pathetic-looking cover, I knitted my own handphone cozy.

I'm no good at using DPNs... Look at the holes!!! ><

Yarn: Sirdar Click (Stash-busting!! Not even half a ball used... ==)
Pattern: My own (It's simple enough.. Think anyone who can do cabling should be able to figure this out..)
Needle size: 4mm

It's evident that I still need to improve on my DPN knitting... I couldn't seem to be able to pull the yarn tight enough when I reached the corners... On the bright side, I learnt to cable without using any extra needle (I don't have a cable needle... =P) and also learnt to do 3-needle bind-off. =D

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