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Thursday, March 09, 2006

28th Feb: Got my JLPT 4 results

Was really nervous when my father passed the envelope to me... I took a deep breath, and quickly opened the envelope.. What a shock!! A pleasant shock though.. I thought I would do very badly for my listening... Glad that I passed it... Overall, I never expect to get that score... *phew* (Someone's going to bish me...)

1st Mar - 3rd Mar: Cruise!!

Yeap, the days I'd been waiting for~ Only to be *disappointed* with the unhappening karaoke pub... For the 3 (or rather, 2) days, had been listening to old cantonese/chinese/english songs sung by the same few folks.. Was feeling quite nostalgic initially.. But I got kinda tired of listening to those drearily slow songs everyday, almost every hour... ==

Otherwise, had quite a *FULL* and relatively fun trip. *Full* as in we always ended up very full after every meal (so much for the 70% full cap in my tummy).. And fun.. Fun for being targeted for a game show.. Hahahaha... Some tic tac toe gameshow involving trivia games and some sporty games... Fortunately, xb and I kena the trivia questions instead of the pretty *embarrassing* games.. We're quite fortunate to win the game in spite of the "bad" start.. HAHAHAHHA.. Hey! It's not easy to do hoola hoop, kay? But, XB, you did look quite funny... HAHAHAHAHHAHA... =P And coz of the game, we won free lunch meals at the Japanese restaurant in the ship, free show tickets to FEVER (a topless dance show that turned out er.. boring?), 2 tickets to book the karaoke rooms for free for an hour each (which we didn't in the end coz i was too tired... concussed...), 2 bottles of red wine, and 2 classical music cds... Quite rewarding, considering I've not won anything for quite some time...

Here're a few photos to whet your appetite!.. (As if)

Superstar Virgo.. The cruise we're on.. =P

Sun rise.. Taken from our cabin!

Alamak... So windy!

Nice horizon!!

4th Mar: Happy Birthday, Joel!

Wait wait.. Before going to the part about Joel's birthday... I've some photo updates of my plants on this day!

My red amaranth... Getting bigger!

Top view~~

It's always getting taller... I'm talking about Swordy, of course...

Hey! There's another leaf shoot! I was hoping for a flower shoot though.. =

Horror of horrors... My father dumped so many chilli padi seeds into a pot!!! o.O'''

Pardon these 2 cherry tomato seedlings for looking squiggly...

Ok, ok... back to Joel's birthday party... You see, Joel's my BU3's baby son.. A very cute little boy.. Hahaha.. Whenever he saw XB, he would do that funny hand movements! But he didn't seem to take any interest in me or Gor gor... =\ All he did was stare at me... Sobs... I want hand movements too!! Hahahhaa... Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kiddo! 快高长大哟!

Hahhhhh!!! I snapping a photo of BU3 who's snapping a photo of XB, Gorgor and me!

Who's that?? Very nice ring... (Buaahahhahaha... That'd be XB...)

A falsely very tanned Gorgor... I think he's enjoying whatever he's eating... Or was that a frown!?

Finally!!! The 主角... Halloooo, Joel!! Happy Birthday!!

9th Mar: Photo update of my plants

Red Amaranth looking more and more like mini veges rather than seedlings now~

Is there something interesting on the right??? Why are all the chilli padi seedlings swaying to 1 direction!? (Hahahhaa, that's coz my mum didn't keep turning the pot in the partial shade during day time... ==)

The cherry tomato seedlings ended up with the same fate as the chilli padi seedlings... =.=''' But they have true leaves already! Funny shapes..

The old vine isn't growing much... But looks like the new shoot's taking over...

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XB said...


Another aaaaaahhhh-bish for saying I look funny doing the hoola hoop.

You forgot to mention that the Karaoke songs quality is not that great either. My poor 童话

You forgot to say that I slept almost half of the show. :) But the Kung Fu show was great.

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