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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Orion strikes~

Aye, the peak for Orionids will be tonight. Radiant will be roughly between Mars and Betelgeuse. But Singaporeans might have tough luck in getting a splendid show from Orionids (or rather might not be able to see at all...). Light pollution is pretty high and it's been cloudy and rainy for the past few nights. More information here: Orionids

Still remember the Leonids craze some years back? I tell you, I saw none... So sad.. Then again, I might have looked at the wrong direction... Bah.. Anyway, the trick to watching meteor shower is to look at the areas around the radiant, and not directly at the radiant! Awaiting for my Geminids light show.. (One of the meteor showers I managed to get to see...)

1 comment :

chantc said...

At least you got to see the falling star last time. I did not see anything.

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