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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Silly Haikus, anyone?

Maybe I should rumage through my pile of old exercise books for my journal and my literature exercises... I remember writing poems in my journal (oh yeah, they were to be submitted for marking by the English teachers) when I had nothing better to write about. For some reasons, I had difficulty deciding what to write for the week... So when all else failed, poems saved the day... It's lame, but it did the work.. LOL.. But for poems, I love haikus the best... 5,7,5... Our literature teacher would force down the pattern into our throats and hopefully we could digest and store it in our heads. My poem writing skills are kinda rusty now, but I'll try...

Robots are Us
Cookie cutter world,
All are almost similar,
Unbreakable mold.

Mini World
The world is so small,
Hidden amongst giant stars,
In this dark fabric.

Okay, since haikus originate from Japan... Maybe I should try one in Japanese.... Gulp...

君のため (kimi no tame => For your sake)
奥にあるのに (oku ni aru no ni => Even though it exists deep inside)
話せない (hanasenai => I can't say it)

Right.. I'm no famous poet, so I suppose my Japanese haiku might sound kinda... erm, amateur (or perhaps even strange?) to the Japanese's ears... =\


Lis said...

My favourite haiku is still the one I saw on Threadless:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

Rhinestic said...

hahahahhahaha, tt's so cute!

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