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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dustbin Design Competition - Vote now!

Anyone who's taken a walk along Orchard Road and has a keen eye will be able to notice something. Decorated dustbins!! They are actually painted by contestants for a dustbin design competition organized by Creative Home. The aim of the competition is to paint dustbins with a social or environment theme.

Anyways, now is the voting period. You can go to OMY to cast your vote for your favourite design. (You need to create an account in OMY 1st though...)

My cousin has entered 2 pieces of work for this competition. To vote for her, please choose either B01 or B55. Thanks!

You do get to win a PSP or vouchers from the voting! So vote! ^.^/


ALLE said...

thankee alot Christine!!! ^^ really appreciate it alot... ^.^ :)
its a great honour to be part of your blog entry!!! thankee SOOOOOOO much and merry x'mas gal!!! ^^ and thanks for voting for me, and helping me to promote my bins :) thanks so much you have no idea how touched i am bt this sweet gesture of yours!!! ^.^ thanks!!!! :) love ya alot, alina!! :):):P:P

ALLE said...

muacks muacks muacks muaccckkkkss!! :) <3

Rhinestic said...

hahaha, muaks muaks back!

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