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Friday, February 29, 2008

Please wear your Kimono correctly....

Watched a small part of Food Mania on channel 8 yesterday and was slightly appalled.... Considering the show's related to Japanese food (I presume...), it's only right that they understand Japanese culture a little more and be more careful in their dressing.... (as in the clothes... not salad dressing.... LOL)

My mum said I'm too "anal" but I just find it quite annoying for people to wrap their kimono wrongly... Or they think they're walking corpses.. O.O'''.... Think some already know what I'm talking about..

Japanese always wrap their Kimono left-over-right style. Right-over-left is reserved for the dead...

Borrowed this photo from mediacorp..

All wore their happi wrongly except Ah-Ben and the girl 2nd from the right (Not too sure about the girl 2nd from the left).. Since they look pretty much alive, they should cross the left side of the happi over the right side.

I suggest checking this website out before attempting to wear your kimono for the 1st time... =P

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