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Monday, May 05, 2008

Lunar, here I come!!

And I meant sending your name to our next door neighbor, the Moon. Nasa will be launching the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) to Moon in late 2008, and it has created a website to enable "everyone to participate in the lunar adventure and place their names in orbit around the moon for years to come." Submitted names will be collected from the database and written to a chip, which will then be placed on board the LRO spacecraft before being sent off to space.

I know some might find this idea kinda corny, but hey, why spoil the fun? It's kinda cool, anyway, to know that your name will be up there in space, revolving round the Moon... It's as if you're playing a part in this whole project... (Yeah, my colleagues were kinda being a wet blanket by questioning if they will really bother to store those names and bring them up in the first place...)

But oh well... No harm trying... All you need to do is to submit your name and your name will be added to the database. It will even generate a certificate for you to print! Here's the linkie.. And hope to see ya in space soon!

The certificate I've gotten! LOL...

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