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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Craft Sites that I surf daily/weekly WITHOUT FAIL

Here's the list!

Craftster <-- LUUURRRVE the FORUM!
Ravelry <-- Knitting and Crochet community.. You need to get invited...
ThreadBanger! <-- COOL STUFF!! MUST check it out!
ChannelDo.com <-- Chinese forum for lots of crafts!


jeanne said...


Rhinestic said...

Not ready to record yet.. Tried a bit of singing.. will start to cough after singing a bit.. == Still have phlegm also..

anyway, i might be sending out the gifts soon.... (I'm taking so long..... Sorry!!)

jeanne said...

傻瓜,干嘛一直跟我say sorry!

ALLE said...

HEY ! :) can i ask u sth? how doyou actually pronounce these 2 words?

--> Japonism, or Japonisme

Its a kind of japanese modern art in the 19th century, and i need the correct pronounciation for my school presentation :)

Thanks so much! (:

Rhinestic said...

Erm... i'm not too sure... Wiki said the word is derived from an original French term, so i supposed it's literally pronounced as "ja" (sounds like jar without the "r" sound) + "pon" + nism (apparently, japon means japan in french..)

Found the pronunciation for japonai (meaning japanese)

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