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Friday, July 25, 2008

Create your own Figurine!

But too bad, this 1st of its kind 3d printing service can only be found at Akihabara, Japan. 3d printing has been around for quite some time already, but due to the printer's rocket-high price, not everyone can afford it. Tsukulus Co., Ltd. is changing this trend by providing such a service to let anyone have the chance of creating their own "doujin" figures at a reasonable price.

To create your very own figurine, all you need to do is to create your 3D model using some 3D modelling/animation software (Make sure it fits within the 190mm x 240mm x 190mm max size). Next, this 3D data will be fed to one of the two 3d printers (they call it magic microwave... LOL) they have. You could then select your material choice: Clay, plastic or aluminium. Press the start button, and you're on your way to printing your original work of art, in 3D!

A 10.5 inch figure costs about 9000 yen and the machine works with obj, RML or mqo data only. But the company would be happy to convert your 3d model into a compatible form, so don't worry! (But I suggest to confirm with them if the certain format can be converted... Just in case..)

For more details, please check out this site.

p.s. I think about a year or a couple of years back, there's this Science article which mentioned that there's thought on mass producing 3D printers for home use. If this trend picks up, it would mean 3d printing could get more affordable! Woot! (But to hand-craft a clay form is fun too....)

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