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Friday, July 18, 2008

Dream places to visit...

1. Finland, as always
2. New Zealand
3. Peru
4. Africa (Some places are good for stargazing! Check out my cousin's adventure at Tanzania during her overseas medical attachment!)
5. Tibet
6. Mongolia
7. Russia
8. Europe
9. Egypt

Japan is a country that I'll visit as much as I can, so I'm not putting that in the list... LoL! But anyway, hope that I could visit at least one of those above mentioned in my lifetime!


chantc said...

Orrr. But africa is a little backward. You must go without baths for days if you're outside (safari for e.g.). Can?

The places you choose hor... All quite "dark" one. :p

jeanne said...


Rhinestic said...

You wouldn't believe, jeanne... I wouldn't believe it too.... I fell sick again!!?!?! What the heck!??!?!? ARRHHH...~~~!!!! ##@@**&##


Rhinestic said...

I think my colleagues, my family and I are spreading germs to one another and taking turns falling sick.... So now I'm back to being sick again.. ><

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