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Monday, August 11, 2008

Back from a Short Break

Went to Genting over the weekends with XB, Gorgor and YC. It was cooler than the last I went there (which was more than a decade ago... O.O), a really good change from the humid Singapore. Was saddened by the food and the air there though..

The buffet breakfasts and dinner ain't that great, but fortunately, we had a really good ala carte dinner at Happy Valley restaurant (the belacan kangkong, the fried boneless chicken in plum sauce, the szechuan spicy tofu, the sweet and sour fish fillets and the yee mee were so so so tasty!).

As for the air... By right, at such a height from sea level and with the ample greenery, air should be crisp and fresh. Well, it was.. but there were so many smokers popping up now and then at the hotels, theme parks and any nook and corner, that most of the time, the air that I breathed in was pretty much stale and stinky. If not for the wind/mist/cloud, I would have died of breathlessness. (I couldn't last more than 15 min in the casino.. Din gamble. YC was showing us around the place..)

The themepark was so-so, not very fantastic (well, at least I was being pushed into playing the go-cart... which was... quite fun, admittedly). It's also quite disappointing to know that some of the rides were not included in the unlimited park package. On the bright side, there were a lot of shops (more of boutiques) at First World hotel! Good for female shoppers! =)

Got myself a fake dolphin tattoo.. Lol

Handphone accessory... with lipstick! Elianto brand..

Interesting pair of earrings.. The longer parts of the earring are actually the back stud parts of the earring which u put behind the ears.

Similar type of earring, but of more formal design

Cut-in tank-top with a really cool print. It says "Seed girl reaching for the stars".. Seed is the brand of the top.

Lollipop with Hello Kitty! For a colleague.. =P

As I'm a nature-lover, the best part of Genting would be the clouds and the green highland. It's just so relaxing to look at such scenery, and feel the coolness; and you could literally touch the clouds! It's equally amazing to look at the thundery clouds at night too. Imagine looking at the lightning striking in the clouds, but brought to ur eye-level. Don't worry, I was in the hotel room while watching this sight. =P


I can touch the clouds~!

Overall, it's been a fun trip with my tour-mates. Some of the food might be bad, and some of the rides might be boring, but in the end, it was still my tour-mates who made my day. =) It's nice to chat/joke/complain while eating cakes and quinche in the hotel room until very very late at night (ultra early in the morning?) without caring what others might think about us. I wonder when will be next..

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