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Saturday, August 23, 2008

夏祭りNatsu Matsuri 2008 (Singapore)

Went down to the Japanese Primary School Changi Campus this evening with XB and Angeline to attend the Natsu Matsuri event.

Both came to my house first (and I reached home later than them.. =X) so Angeline and I could change into our yukata before taking a cab down to the matsuri. Had a lot of help from Angeline in the wearing of the yukata... Lol... (We were kinda fumbling through the process of it.... ><)

In our yukata...In our yukata~~~ Angeline so elegant looking with the fan ^.^~~

It was 6:30pm when we reached there and there were already loads of people....!! Angeline bought a couple of game tickets near the school porch..

People ga takusan iru...People and people and more people....

Angeline and I tried to persuade XB into renting a yukata (since there were a lot of guys there in one!) but sadly, he rejected.... *sulk* Then again, looking at the extremely long queue to the yukata rental, I think the event would be ending once XB got his yukata... ==

But anyways, while we're trying to find the Matsuri Goods stall, we bumped into Yingying (almost couldn't recognize her coz she's not wearing specs..).. The 3 of us checked out some stalls while XB was in his world of snapping some boh liao photos.... (Oh.. I forgot to mention Angeline and I bought some miniature cakes accessories before we bumped into Yingying... Lol..)

random pics ==See what I mean... Boh liao...

We bought some masks from the Matsuri Goods stall, just to get into the festive mood! What a havoc....

Masks!!Shiyuan! Can you see our gift for you???

We took a walk around the campus and look what we'd found!

Domo-kun bagThey were selling Domo-kun bag! HAHAHHA... So hilarious... The paper says "30 Dollars".. O.O

Angeline and Yingying then went to queue for the games (Gosh, it was crowded!!! And there's this guy with a sign that said "To the gymnasium, this way, this way"... Didn't mention what activity they were holding in the gym... so we also din bother........) while XB and I took a "stroll" in the rain... == Saw the decorated site for the Bon Odori, but wrongly assumed that it's cancelled due to the rain... The both of us then took a look at the food stalls... Wanted to get the daifuku but the guy in front of me took the last packet!!! @#!$#$@... Hahaha.. Sad.. Oh wells... Went to buy a drink instead.. (It was uber hot in the yukata...)

While waiting for the 2 girls, XB played with his iPhone. And out of the blue, the bell rang... We thought it was some fire alarm.... O.O.. But there was no announcement at all... == And no one else seem to be bothered... Alrighty then... We continued waiting.. Angeline and Yingying came back with many yoyos (one of which was given to me.. Thanks Angeline!) and Angeline got herself a gift from another game stall.

Yoyo &amp; Save the Super Ball!!This is what I mean by yoyos.... A very popular game during the matsuri! The top right hand photo shows the "Save the Super Ball!" game... HAhahahah... ==

The 2 girls wanted to look at what's selling at the food stalls, so we went back and I got XB to by me a balloon sculpture.... HAHHA... I requested the balloon artist to make a flower... We then went into a "snapping photos" frenzy and took even more random photos... ==

More Random photosRandom but fun! HAHAHAHA...

Angeline discovered a stall that was selling panda taiyaki (panda pancake) and snapped some photos! Yingying and her bought 1 too! Munch~!

panda taiyaki~~Uh.. Panda suffering bad-skin-day?

Thinking that the Bon Odori was cancelled, we went back pretty early (XB and Angeline's dad drove us back before 9). We were already in the car when Angeline got a call from her friend... Apparently, the Bon Odori (that is the main highlight of the yearly Natsu Matsuri) was shifted to the sports hall (the gymnasium?? So that's what the sign was for! They should have written somewhere that it's for the Bon Odori.... Be it in English or Japanese! ><).... And the bell that they rang might have been to notify us about the dance... >< They should have an announcement instead...

Oh wells, at least we took a photo of the school map before dumping it into a dustbin.....

chizu to hanaBeautified with a flower... Hahha..

Oh! And we managed to catch bits of the fireworks at Marina Bay while we're travelling on the high way. A nice way to end our evening after the Natsu Matsuri event~~ =D

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