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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Etsy Tidbits Thursday - #5 Quirky

Yup, you saw it right! QuIRkY!

1♥ Double Bear - Pick your Colors
2♥ FIESTA earrings
3♥ Underwear Reusable Shopping Bag
4♥ Time For Tea Ring
5♥ GeekMagnets - Set of 4 Large Glass Magnets - Coffee and Dessert, Organically Speaking
6♥ Car Bracelet - All Green with Envy
7♥ It's Noodle Time - Pair Of Bobby Hair Pins
8♥ Pink Jellyfish - plush toy with organic catnip
9♥ humphrey - the monkey weirdo

1 comment :

ALLE said...

OMGOODNESS HAHA coooool u sound pro!!

erm okie
1. the color of the macaroon PEEENK!!!!!!!!!

2. the color of the cream WHITEEE!!!!!!!!!

3. the size of the macaroon.. ERM FIFTY CENT COIN??? too big not nice rite????

thankeee sooo soooo much!!!!!! and im sooo proud of uuu :D
may your sales get better and better!!!!!! i can help u advertiseee by wearing your maccaroon hahahahha!

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