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Thursday, November 13, 2008

O' Crafty Day #5 - Very Simple single crochet patterns

Yups, all u need are rectangle pieces~

Pattern 1:
Mod Neck Cozy

Crochet a rectangular piece that is as wide as your neck length and a length that overlaps about 1 to 2 inches when u put the piece round your neck like so:

When laid flat, it looks like this:

Fold the right corner like so:

Sew this corner down to secure it.

Make the non-folded end and folded end meet like below and place your button at a desired location:

Sew your button to secure it.

Next, you need to make a loop and attach it to the folded end:

To create this loop, crochet a number of chains that is long enough to loop round your button. Do sew the loop on the wrong side of the folded end, about 1/2 inch away from the edge if your button is very large like mine. (You'll realise that the cozy is still kinda "flappy"... Read on for further suggestions.)

Once sewn on and secured with some fabric glue, try on your cozy!

As you can see from the photo, the folded end does not seem to lie properly on top of the non-folded end, even with the loop and the button closure. I suggest using 2 1 pair (not 2 pairs!! My brain wasn't working too well.. heh.. but then again 4 smaller buttons would look pretty cool too! and more secure!) of loop and button closure; or using extra closures like velcro.

When laid flat, the cozy looks like this:

Pattern 2:
Cute Mini Handbag/Purse

Crochet a rectangular piece with this measurement: 14 inches x 7 inches.

Crochet 2 rectangular pieces with this measurement: 4.5 inches x 1 inch.

Lie the bigger piece flat on a surface, and place one of the smaller piece perpendicular to one of the longer sides of the bigger piece, starting from the edges:

You then whip-stitch the touching sides together as above. (Have no idea what a whip-stitch is? Check it out here.)

Then make the 1-inch edge of the small piece touch the same long edge of the big piece, and whip-stitch the 2 edges together. Do the same for the rest of the 4.5 inch of the smaller piece. You'll get something like this:

One side of your bag is done. Do the same for the other small piece with the other side of the bag like so:

You can now attach any handles you like to the bag. For mine, I've braided one with ribbons. You could also add a lining and a closure to your bag. Feel free and be creative in decorating your bag!

Here's mine!

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