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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Berjaya Hills & KL

Colmar Tropicale - Berjaya Hills

The architectures at Colmar have a French flair to them. And I ain't an architecture...

Nice angle!

I stayed in an attic-like room! Cool!

Beware of the moat.

Rabbit Park - Berjaya Hills

"I'm dainty."

Chinen-kun and Yama-chan... =P

Feeding time, yo!

Bunnies have friends too..

Japanese Village - Berjaya Hills

Time to cut my fringe??


Botanical Garden - Berjaya Hills


Creeping beauties.. Morning Glory

For some reason... This pitcher's plant looks kinda gross...

Small ong lye..

Where art thou, Romeo?

Berjaya Times Square Hotel - KL

Jalan Alor food street - KL

One half of Petronas Towers.. The other is hidden behind.

Pub Luna. And I looked crappy as I ain't well. And my stupid specs reflect light.. =(

Rhinestic, Xzz, Xzz's friend, Xzz's friend's GF =P Hey! We all wear specs!


Rin 。 said...

I love ur kimono!! =)

Rhinestic said...

actually.... the kimono had some holes on it... =X

Anonymous said...
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