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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 1 (Part 3): Found it! Found it!

By the time we checked into our hotel after the photoshoot, it was already 6 plus in the evening. Our original plan was to take a train down to Shinjuku and walk around the area. But considering that we had not even properly toured around Ikebukuro and that we won't have much time on other days, we ditched that plan.

We had our dinner at Katsu-ya, which sells mouth-watering cutlet meals. I ordered a katsu-don, small size (it's actually more than enough for a medium-eater like me), for about 500 yen. Yumz.

After filling up our stomachs, we made our way to Sakura-ya, where the guys spent their time looking at geeky stuffs while xzz and I had another try at finding Kinkadou (now that I knew where it was), and we did!

There are 2 Kinkadou buildings though. The first one we went to was actually the "other store" that sells mainly fabrics and quilting materials. It was very tempting but I had already reserved my fabric $$ for Nippori. After going up all the levels to have a glimpse of what they were selling, we made our way to the next Kinkadou building, the "main store" (It's next to Uniqlo).

Here they sell all sorts of stuffs from beading materials to clay kits. I got Rin this mini Hello Kitty deco, and myself a beaded cake kit. I also got this "whipped cream" clay deco kit for xzz and me to play with during our trip. =P

Miyuki Beaded Cake kit

xzz and I worked on this clay kit during one of the nights
Haha (yeah, the guys were already in dreamland..)

And this ended our first day in Tokyo.


chantc said...

u? medium eater?? yeah right. :p

Rhinestic said...

i'm not exactly a small-eater either...

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