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Thursday, March 04, 2010

O' Crafty Day #12 - D.I.Y, Lipgloss


- Vaseline
- Any colored minerals/Lipstick/Blush/Eye shadow

- Something clean to scrape the Lipstick/Blush/Eye shadow
- A clean piece of paper
- Heat source to melt vaseline (I used a candle.. Microwave works too, but please ensure that the vaseline does not burn)
- A ladle with metal scoop to hold the vaseline while melting it (If using microwave, please use a microwave-safe container)
- A small spoon or stirrer
- Containers to hold your lip gloss

1. Prepare your coloring. If you're using cosmetics, scrape the coloring onto a piece of clean paper until you have about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoonfuls. If you're using colored minerals, take the same amount and place it on a clean piece of paper.

1. Take about 1 dessert spoon of vaseline and drop them into the ladle.

2. Hold the ladle above the candle fire. The vaseline should start to melt after a few minutes.

3. When the vaseline has fully melted, take your small spoon or stirrer and put some coloring that you've prepared in (1) into the melted vaseline. Stir and mix the color well into the vaseline while still holding the ladle above the fire.

4. Once the color is well incorporated into the vaseline, pour the mixture into a container. Let it rest for about 30 minutes to an hour and voila! You have some lip gloss ready for some lip action! Have fun!

Some notes: The lip gloss that you see at the top of this post was made from vaseline and lipstick. For the following version, I used colored mineral, which produced a much more intense color. (the colored mineral is about the same color as the lipstick..)


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