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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

DIY framing on stretched canvas with fabric

This project is a first for me, hence the bit of shoddiness in the end product. (I pretty much winged it without any examples or instructions)

The amazing paper cutting was from Papercutdiecut. I mounted the paper cutting on a red embossed card stock (which was fiddly coz the paper cutting was so delicate!), then encased it in a self-laminating sheet. After which, I pasted the laminated paper cutting onto the stretched canvas.

The framing part was kind of a challenge. My idea was to incorporate fabric in the framing. I ended up using the technique for creating inset fabric cutting to form the frame. Instead of interfacing, I used batting to create a slight puff in the frame.

Then, I attached the frame to the canvas with some iron-on adhesive tape for fabric, and used a stapler gun to staple the loose ends of the fabric to the back of the canvas frame. And voila! Oh, I had also crocheted a flower, used some lace and button to make a brooch to pin onto the frame.

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