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Friday, December 17, 2010

O' Crafty Day #13 - DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

1 medium-sized donut-shaped styrofoam
1 ball of pinkish brown yarn
1 ball of light brown yarn
1 piece of red felt
1 piece of green glitter felt
1 piece of white felt
1 packet of 12mm glitter pom poms in red (I bought the 30-piece packet)

Pinking scissors
White glue

1. I first wrapped the pinkish brown yarn round the styrofoam, trying to keep 2 strands of yarn reasonably close. It's okay if there're some empty spaces on the first pass, as you can try to cover them on the second pass of wrapping. My ball of yarn allowed me to do 2 passes of wrapping.

2. I then wrapped the light brown ball of yarn round the foam, this time trying to cover any leftover spaces and leaving a bit of gap between every few strands of yarn. I did only 1 pass of wrapping for this ball of yarn.

3. After which, I did some felt roses of different sizes in red and white. I'd followed the instructions from this youtube video.

4. Next, I cut out some leaves from the green glitter felt with pinking scissors.

5. I then arranged the flowers, leaves and pom poms and glued them to the yarn-wrapped foam with white glue.

I'm now waiting for the glue to dry before using 3M reusable double-sided tape to attach it to my door. =)

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