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Monday, January 03, 2011

Back from Taipei (with bonus gift from Mr. 病気)

Yeap, I'm back. And yes, I spent my New Year there. And nope, I didn't join the crowd in the countdown near Taipei 101.. In fact, I didn't join any crowd. Watched the countdown live on TV in my hotel room instead. Sounds kinda sad, huh?

Truth was, that's not the sad thing. What's sad was I threw up almost 3/4 of my whole day's worth of meal a couple of hours into 2011. What's even sadder was I could actually feel my head spinning throughout the night, and my tummy acting kind of weird. And yes, I spent the next few hours getting out of bed and throwing up the rest of the meal. Sigh.

By the time XB woke up, I was actually "half-dead" from the constant waking up-and going to toilet-and-puke routine. Thank goodness he had dizziness and nausea pills with him. But that made me half-concussed for the rest of the day. Having no appetite didn't help either. And that concluded my last day in Taipei.. Sigh.. LUCKILY, it was only the last day that this happened... =(

Now I'm back, and my appetite has not fully recovered. Guess what, I'm now having some slight sore throat too! "Banzai"! ==

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