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Friday, March 18, 2011

Support Sakaeya's Charity Effort for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims!

Sakaeya's a family-run kimono shop at Japan, and I got a chance to rent and wear their kimono when I was at Tokyo the year before (Thanks to Kahori and Christine for dressing me up!). I got news from Kahori@facebook that Sakaeya now has a charity sell where you can buy full-set kimonos and second-hand kimonos online (they will be shipped internationally, but you do have to wait a little till Japan's more stable before they can ship out the kimono). If you happen to be in Japan now, you can also rent their kimono via this charity sell page. All sales from this Charity sell will be donated to the Japan earthquake and tsunami victims.

Please do support them! (I've already bought a set of second-hand kimonos)

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