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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dorama Fest for the upcoming month!!

July is the month for Ouran and Ikemen!


I know.. Not quite what you expected.. I just hope that any good acting and the chemistry among the actors can help save the not too charming host club members! Haruhi seems fine though. And I know the actor for Tamaki is quite talented (having watched Hana Kimi and Atashinchi no Danshi before)..

次。。 「美男ですね」というドラマです!八乙女光がいるぞう!


I know. It's kinda pathetic for someone like me to be still going gaga over Japanese teeny boppers.. (mm.. Hikaru is over his teens already!) "我不想长大!!".. Courtesy of SHE. Anyways, this drama is supposedly a remake of a Korean drama called "You're Beautiful":

Here's one more look at Japan's version of A.N.Jell from Myojo:

なんか。。 Taisuke, Yuta and Hikaru make a tamer-looking band as compared to the Korean version. Almost to being cute more than beautiful... O.o Must be JE's factor at play... I feel so sorry for Taisuke.. I can't recognize him with his locks off.. haha.. =X

Here's a little more cuteness from HSJ with Hikaru's new bleached mane..

From right to left: "I wonder if you know who we are...", Daiki: "Who..??", Daiki:"Aa! You guys!", Hikaru: "I'm a foreigner" & Inoo: "I'm a Japanese" == Lame Hika-chan..

And the ever smiley Chinen:

"nnn... I'm full..."

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