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Friday, June 24, 2011

I've got mail!

Look at what I've gotten in my mailbox!!

It's from my swap partner and surprise, surprise! There were 3 wrapped goodies in the package.

I was very obedient and opened the letter until at the very end. I knew Eloise's ninni would be in the biggest gift wrap, so I opened the smallest first!

I just ADORE this wristband!! To fully enjoy this awesome artpiece, I have hung it on my bag so I can show it off constantly!

I opened the next package and here're what I've gotten!

A really intricately designed fabric featuring what I think are macaws (or are they Keas??)

And some paper tags! Thought they'll be great to use in photo shoots.

As for the Ninni that Eloise has sent me, I'll leave it for the next post!

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