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Monday, January 09, 2012

Sunday Youtube Treasure #4 - runnyrunny999's cooking channel

Click here to go to Runnyrunny999's channel

I actually knew about this channel a while ago and I thought I should include it here. This is not your conventional cooking show where all dishes are cooked by a proper chef and look picture-perfect. The owner of this channel is an average Japanese guy, whom I guess, loves to cook. He's quite quirky, fringing on being weird sometimes. His concept of this whole channel is to let anyone on youtube order any kind of Japanese food to let him cook. The catch is that, ultimately, the dishes will be eaten up by him (but of course).

Frankly speaking, it's the eating part that seems to make his dishes look delicious. I did have my doubts before but after trying one of his hamburg recipe, I'm very confident to say that his dishes are up to standard. (Need to find a day to try his curry flavored chicken wings!)

He includes little blunders in his videos occasionally but that's what makes the cooking show different, humorous and honest. If you are craving for some Japanese food, why not try his recipes?

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