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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Crafty Saturday

For someone like me who usually sleep in on a Saturday morning, it's a feat to wake up at my usual workday timing this morning to attend the Crafty Party organised by Ruth (The Little Happy Shop) and a group of crafters.

(Photo courtesy of The Little Happyshop)

I had pre-registered for the rubber stamp making session and got to learn some basic rubber stamp making techniques from Jo of Lovesprouts.

(Photo courtesy of The Little Happyshop)

Haha, my stamps are messy.. Also bought some mt tapes in the blue, green and turquoise palette!


In the evening, the husband and I made our way down to the Singapore Art Festival Night Market @ Esplanade Bridge.



There were some other music and arts events in conjunction with the festival nearby, so we also went to take a look. What caught my eye was this event:


And so this Popin Birdie is born to be brought to some other parts of the world:



The ivory fabric frayed too much!


xzz said...

The rubber stamp looks cute! :)

Rhinestic said...

Thanks, xzz!

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