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Monday, August 06, 2012

Busy busy

Postcards I've made thus far for the Pameran Poskad event!

"Connection" set

Photobucket Harmonization



"Disconnection" set

Positivity Mask


I've mixed ink illustration, stamping (most of the stamps are carved by yours truly) and yarn craft together. There is a  personal story behind every postcard that I made and I am really hoping that there'll be someone out there who are willing to keep a little piece of my story with them.. Wondering if I should make 1 more for the "Disconnection" set so it looks balanced with the "Connection" set...

I still have another set of 4 cards to make with my friend. The set will basically be country-themed, but I've yet to come up with a set name for it... We'll be mixing rubber stamping, die-cutting and knitted/crocheted elements, and hopefully, everything will fall in place nicely.

Question.. Anyone out there knows how to price such postcard-sized art pieces?


Christina Yap said...

Hello, I'm one of the Pameran poskard-rian who just visited the exhibition. Saw your works and really love it! Congrats! All your works with the pretty cute girls are sold! I knew it cos I wanted to buy but unfortunately none was left for me. I think you should mark up the prices of your works cos they look very intricate. well, that's my few cents worth of opinion as a fellow 'artist'. Nice blog that you have. Will bookmark it. :D

Rhinestic said...

Hi Christina! Thanks so much for appreciating my artworks and the tip on the pricing!

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