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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O' Crafty Day #16 - Gift card holder with Faux Chalkboard effect

I got an Ikea gift card as a Christmas gift for a friend, but oh boy, is the original yellow gift card holder kind of an eye sore... And so I decided to create a new gift card holder for it, finished with a faux chalkboard effect!

Materials used:

1) Teresa Collins Fabrication 8 x 8 cardstock papers (I used 1 main floral paper and 1 dark colored paper)
2) Versamark pen
3) Ranger embossing powder (Seafoam white)
4) Small floral cabochon
5) Mini glue dots
6) Tombow glue tape
7) Gift card

Tools used:
1) EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch (Basketweave)
2) EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Rounder Punch Small
3) Bone folder
4) Heat gun

1) First you need to measure your gift card. Mine is 338" x 218", with a credit card-like thickness. I ended up cutting out my main floral piece of cardstock at 4" x 512".

I used both the front side of the dark colored paper as well as its reverse side. The dark colored side piece measured 1" x 312" and the reverse side measured 312" x 214". The dark colored piece would eventually be the fake chalkboard background and the reverse side would be for the written greetings pasted inside the card.

2) Holding the main floral piece in a portrait manner, punch out the bottom 2 corners with the paper shaper basketweave corner card creator punch.

This is the reverse side of my floral paper. =) This would also be the inside of the holder!

These would be the slots for the gift card.

3) I also rounded the 4 corners of the floral piece with my paper shaper corner rounder punch to soften the look.

4) I, then, folded the card in half, making sure the 2 slots are at the bottom. I used a bone folder to make the fold crisp and neat.

5) Next, taking the dark colored piece of paper, I rounded the 2 corners of one of the short ends. Then, I used the smaller nib of the Versamark pen and wrote my sentiment. Versamark ink, as you know, only slightly darkens the paper beneath and if you look at it straight on, it is going to appear invisible. To make writing easier, be sure to adjust your lighting so that the light hits the paper at an angle and tilt your head a little so that you can see what you are writing.

After which, I heat embossed the sentiment with my white embossing powder. This creates a faux chalk writing effect.

6) Using a couple of mini glue dots, I attached the floral cabochon to the black sentiment piece. Then, I adhered this piece to my main floral card front with some Tombow glue tape.

7) For the final piece of cardstock, I first rounded the four corners...

8) ... And wrote my greetings first.

9) I then adhered this piece to the inside, top half of the holder.

And there you have it! A new and personalized gift card holder! Yay!

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