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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kutsuwa Puchi Mousse Series: Keyholder Mascot Collection (Dessert) kit

Hi guys, I finally have another craft related post since my apparent absence from crafting for the past 2 weeks. Anyways, have you chanced upon my New Year greeting post? If you have, then you would have seen the photo of the glass jar containing some candy-like objects. If you have a sharp eye (though I don't think you would need it), you would be able to notice eye-pins sticking out of some of them.

So yes, those are actually clay cuties made from this Kutsuwa clay kit.

Kutsuwa is a Japanese brand specializing in clay kits for children. So far, they have churned out soft paper clay kits, some kind of gel-deco kits, eraser clay kits, deco whip clay kits and (I think) most recently, this series of  resin-like clay kits where the clay will turn hard like plastic when dry.

I saw the kits selling at Kinokuniya, and seeing that the clay behaves like resin clay, I'm game to try. Anyway, who can resist the cute blue sweet wrapper with white polka-dots on the packaging? (I know I can't.. haha)

After unboxing the kit, here is what you will see:

The mold, 4 clay pieces, a tiny bottle of glue, ball chains, eye pins

I mixed some other clay colors before starting the molding process:

I have tried Grace, Cosmo and Modena resin clays before, but none of them smelt like the clay pieces in this kit, which smelt like some kind of glue... And that wasn't very pleasant.. The consistency of the clay wasn't much to my liking too.. After making all my clay candy cuties, my fingers were all icky and sticky. Like I have doused my fingers with glue and let dry... Gross.. This is not something I have experienced before. I wonder if it is more like cold porcelain clay? Anyone can advise? 

But anyways, continue on. These were all the pieces I made, with pretty minimal leftovers:

Like Grace clay, these pieces ended up looking a few shades darker once fully air-dried and the white clay became slightly translucent. The surprise was that there was very little shrinkage.

Rainbow sweet wrappers

Mint sweet!

Bon Bons? What was initially an ugly beige color became a nice earthy pink color (the front bon bon) when dried.

Just some normal-looking sweets

I love these. But it was kind of a pain when molding them. The best method was to leave each piece sit in the mold for a while to dry and harden a little before taking out.

Other random pieces...

And here's putting them all into a beautiful jar made and gifted by a dear friend:


Kimberly Chen said...

these are so cute! I've never played with resin clays before but I think i'll pick up this kit :D these would make a cute bracelet I reckon..

lau said...

this is really cool! :)

Rhinestic said...

Hi, Kimberly. Yes, they would make some really cute bracelets =)

And Lau, thank you!

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