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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Candy apples, Soft candy style

Hi Daiso-philes, so sorry for skipping last week's Daiso Maniac Saturday. Had a busy week, so hadn't had time to upload and write a post on it. To make up for that, I am going to introduce you to an interesting Japanese sweets innovation called Ringo Ame Sofuto Kyandi (aka Candy apple soft candy).

The kit came with a tray containing pink roundish soft candy, 1 packet of red liquid candy, 1 packet of sprinkles and 1 toothpick.

I had eaten 3...

You basically pour the contents into the respective tray compartments, then take the toothpick and pick up a soft candy, dip it into the red liquid and then coat that with the sprinkles.

Pretty yummy!

Here's a short video clip to how it's done! Sorry for my terrible sniffles... Had runny nose in the morning...

If you wanna make the real thing, check out this recipe by Instructables!

Actual candy apples from Instructables

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