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Monday, April 01, 2013

Back and Jet-lagged + MT Tape Demo

I'm finally back from my Arctic Circle trip! Touched down on Friday evening, had a rude shock from the hot and humid weather and I'm not fully recovered from being jet-lagged yet..

My Finnish Lapland trip has been very eventful. I tried loads of winter activities and managed to catch that "elusive" Northern Lights during our relatively short trip. Love the vast and unpolluted nature there. I'm really going to miss that place! This time round, I'll try my best to sort of give a short report of what happened daily during my trip, as there were so many memorable things that happened.

Anyway, weeks before the trip, I volunteered myself to be an MT tape demonstrator for a small MT tape fair at Takashimaya which was held last Saturday. You heard me right. The event was last Saturday.. Just barely a day from when I returned from my trip. Stupid me thought that I'd reach Singapore early in the morning, but I forgot to take into account the time difference..... == 

And so... I hadn't had much rest that Friday night and the Saturday morning. I was busy finishing up all the preparations and getting all my sample projects ready. By noon, I started to get my usual nervous-before-a-big-thing bug and I totally had no appetite for lunch..

However, things went smoothly, although everything didn't go according to my schedule. I had planned quite a number of projects to demo, but I ended up spending more than 1 hour teaching enthusiastic kids and ladies the pretty origami ribbon made from MT tapes. I then spent the next 45 minutes taping a DIY mason jar lamp and teaching a kid how to make a really simple but bold greeting card.

I am not entirely sure if I had done a good job demonstrating, but to see Kelly's (the organizer) face beaming with happiness from the endless crowd coming in to select rolls and rolls of MT tapes made me happy too. =) It's also satisfying to hear the audience giving good comments about my sample pieces and I am glad to be able to give these crafters more ideas about what they can do with MT tapes. :)

Forgot to display my brown paper bags!

I wore my Uniqlo x MT T-shirt :)

Had fun decorating my mini tea-cup and saucer set. Mint-green and gray are still one of my fave combo colors!

My brown paper bags! (Grabbed the photo taken by one of the MT guys)

Something that I brought there half-finished, but didn't have the time to demo on the spot. I took it back home to finish it up. A DIY canvas clock. =)

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