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Monday, April 29, 2013

Craft Updates!

Had been busy for the past couple of weeks with some craft stuffs, mainly gifts for friends.

Firstly, I was back to clay crafting for a bit. I suddenly had the idea to put up a Christmas tree decorated with clay cookies, sweets and pastries by the end of this year. And so, I made a resolution to make a few clay pieces every month, and hence a new series "The Christmas Tree Patisserie". But I would like to give you a preview to this new series by showing you some of the clay pieces I have made so far.

A few of them have already been packed into a gift box for a friend. I also made her a "JGL" cookie pin which I didn't manage to snap a photo of... Thought it's funny. =P

Next, I've also been busy knitting a mini scarf (for a soft toy polar bear) which is reversible. This was my first try at double knitting, and I must admit I didn't really do a good job at it. I would try the invisible cast-on and bind-off the next time. And yes, I would definitely try again as I love it that it's reversible and the piece does not curl on itself!

The letter A is a cross-stitch pattern that I found on the internet while the random triangles were designed by me.

I also made the turquoise stone brooch from polymer clay to pin the scarf together.

Now that's one cozy polar bear.. Which will eventually be gifted to another friend. =)


WeirdEnglishman said...

There is some seriously talented creative work on this blog. Impressed, to say the least. However, you have made me extremely hungry. Those Christmas decorations look incredibly realistic. I expected to see a recipe below them!

Rhinestic said...

Thanks! LoL, I don't think they taste good tho. =P

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