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Friday, May 24, 2013

Lisa Pavelka UV resin VS Japanese Ange UV Crystal Super Resin

Happened to chance upon UV Crystal super resin by Ange at Golden Dragon more than a month back (yah, before my mental episode). It was pretty pricey (at SGD29 for a 25g bottle) but I still got it for curiosity sake. And you know what? I don't regret buying it. (Though I'm now more interested to get it directly from Rakuten...)

Let me show you a couple of end results..

In both photos, the ones on the left were made from Lisa Pavelka UV resin and the ones on the right were made from Ange super resin. For some reason, Lisa Pavelka UV resin always turns yellow/pinkish on me after curing. And I thought there was something wrong with my UV lamp! The Ange super resin proved otherwise. However, if I were to go for a vintage/steam-punk effect, I would probably be okay with Lisa Pavelka's product..

Another thing is the consistency of the UV resin. Lisa Pavelka's UV resin seems to be more goopy. Together with the bigger bottle tip, I needed to take more care when squeezing the Lisa Pavelka's UV resin into the narrower molds (eg. the Eiffel tower). I had more ease using Ange super resin with smaller molds.

I also noticed that the air bubbles in Ange super resin will mostly pop on its own. As for Lisa Pavelka's resin, I had to use either a toothpick or pin to burst the air bubbles, and even then, the tinier air bubbles would still lurk in the resin.

Besides that, I found that glitter tends to float in Lisa Pavelka's resin even after thorough mixing. Whereas for Ange super resin, most of the glitter managed to get well-incorporated into the resin with minimal floating.

I've not tried doming with the Ange super resin. But I'm guessing Lisa Pavelka's uv resin might do a better job since it has a slightly higher viscosity than Ange super resin... Hmmm

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