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Thursday, May 02, 2013

No more Google Reader..

News get to me slow. I didn't know the popular Google Reader will be discontinuing in a few months' time...! (Pardon me.. I'm not a big user of feed readers.. I actually remember fellow bloggers' blog URLs by heart... Even I can't believe myself for saying this, considering I'm a web developer by day.....)

I did, however, notice that my Google Follower panel has been converted to a Google Friend Connect widget. Meaning, you'll need to check your Google+ account to get my blog updates... Not that connecting to Google+ is hard, but most people tend to think anything under Google is for geeks, and thus the fear of falling into the deep unknown abyss filled with binaries. WHICH, I can understand. =)

Good news is there are alternative feed readers out there which do an equally good or even better job than the Google reader. This post by a fellow craft blogger will pretty much iron out your problems in the world of popular feed readers. 

And if you are already on BlogLovin', do follow me here!

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