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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sewing Inspiration: S.H.E Outfits in 还我 MV

First look:

Simple. Somber color scheme. Vintage-style. 


It's unfortunate that I can't get a clearer screenshot of her outfit but I love the ocean blue with the brown. Almost has a steam-punk feel to it. Think it's a great color scheme which I can experiment in future.


I love the silhouette of her dress. Pardon the creepiness of the first photo but that's the only shot that shows the dress in full. On closer "inspection", the interesting fabric has red squiggly lines on a black base.


The color's not something I can pull off but Selina looks really lovely in this dress, which has a classic vintage air to it.

And the actual music video follows (love the song!):

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