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Friday, July 12, 2013

Textile printing & Apparel design classes: 2nd lessons

For textile printing this week, we had (surprise!) drawing exercises and learnt the traditional way of pattern placement. The drawing exercises came as a surprise/shock to us but the emphasis of this exercise was not on how well you can draw, but rather, gathering interesting images/shapes/angles within a short span of time.

Sketched all these (except the one in markers) in less than an hour.. A first for me!

Having done a bit of fabric pattern placement using the digital way, it's refreshing to know how it's done traditionally. In fact, I think the traditional method allows more creative juices to flow!

Lecturer demonstrating color placement on our group's pattern piece

For next week's class, we were asked to select one of the sketches that we had done and have the sketch printed out on 3 transparencies. We'll be creating our very own screenprint stencil next week! Exciting!

I re-drew my final image with markers

As for the apparel design class, we had consultation with our lecturer on our selected theme, direction and mood. As for me...

Reprise of Mr. Steampunk Ninni!


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