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Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Little Crafting Updates

The chevron top has now a few more rows to it... Which I am pretty ashamed to say.. I really need to push my pedal hard in getting the top done! ==

I have also been experimenting a bit on yarn dyeing using food dyes, the microwave method. Here's a test that I did using Rowan's wool cotton yarn (I know cotton is not a good choice for food dyes) with Wilton Royal Blue. The yarn was just out of the dye bath and still wet, thus the intense color.

Original yarn color on the right

But once washed and dried, the colors became a little more washed out. I'm surprised to see some purples from the royal blue food dye.

With some confidence gained from the experiment, I tried to play with variegated colors. I used Wilton royal blue as well as Wilton turquoise in 4 different dye baths. I got this pretty lovely result.

I'll most probably be using this yarn for an upcoming collaboration project. Stay tuned for more news on this! (If only I can already find time to start on this project!)

Next, I am really excited to receive my translucent powdered pigments for uv resin yesterday! (Yes, I'm still up at this hour.. Really bad habit of mine! Need to kick it!) I ordered them from Rakuten just a few days back, and was totally thrilled to receive the package this soon.

The magic of this powdered pigments is that they are able to make the uv resin appear opaque if you use a higher concentration or if you mix white into the other colors (but you'll get a more pastel color).

I need to do some further experiments to see how well the white pigment can mix with my inktense pigment blocks!


Anonymous said...

PRETTY!!! love the lavender one. it looks like soap! is there a function to it?

Rhinestic said...

It's actually a type of plastic. :) it'll be turned into a pin, tentatively...

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