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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Last lessons

Have been really busy doing up my fashion illustrations and prepping the presentation boards for the apparel design presentation which will be held later today. Perhaps the problem is mine that I spent 95% of my time on it and lost sleep over it (This is only a certification course!). It didn't help that by the time I really turned in for bed, Ed's already waking up to prepare to go to work... Whaattt? (In minion's voice)

Usually, I'd be nervous about presentations, but right now, my exhaustion level is way past my anxiety level. Should I grab an hour's nap?

Presentation boards made compact

A couple of my illustrations, all hand-colored

I also had my "last" lesson for textile printing last week. Wanted to make one more screen for screenprinting but I didn't make it in time to make a photocopy of my illustration on transparencies. =( I ended up doing more tie-dye...

These will be for my cushion covers..

Oh! Remember me saying to stay tuned in this post? Here's the base fabric that I did.

Tie-dye + Itajime Shibori

And I got to screen print reindeer heads all over the fabric... LOL..

Reindeer head on my dyed fabric!

And sleepy me accidentally stepped on my Dahlia screen just a while ago. Now it has this annoying dent in the screen! Looks like I need to remake it today after the presentation... Yes, thank God our textile printing lecturer allow us use the studio today! And I'd better photocopy my illustration earlier less the shop closes early again!

Sewing and drafting classes will commence next week! Exciting, but I'm now in need of sleep....


Anonymous said...

reindeer lookin' good on the fabric! man teach me please!! screen printing looks awesome!

Rhinestic said...

Hello! Sure! But I need to get my butt off and start meddling with the exposure unit that I have. Had been busy with the presentation lately. heh

Anonymous said...

hehe yay!!!!!!! cannot wait!!! got business ideas to share with you as well! And I've a few books about fashion that I had bought when I was in Temasek Poly... Really useful ones so if you want I can lend them to you. :) btw your presentation boards look awesome! very neat and consistent! well-done!! :D

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