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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Youtube Treasure(s) #13: The musical talents!

I'm sure there are numerous talented musicians out there in the Youtube universe but these 2 channels have been providing our housework music every weekend. (Yes, we listen to music while we "toiled hard"... Hehe)

First, it's the infamous Piano Guys! The channel name's a little misleading since there's a cello guy (Steve!), a piano guy (Jon!) and 2 more guys who are involved in videography and music production (that'll be Paul, Tel and Al). If you hadn't known, my favorite instrument sounds are violin, cello and the Japanese flute.. I'm kinda obsessed with the sad undertones these instruments have.... Unhealthy much??

But anyway, I kinda think that their Cello Wars music arrangement and the video are epic!

The next group should be pretty familiar to those who watched the third season of Sing Off as they came in top. It's Pentatonix! Their "Evolution of Music" is quite a genius piece, I feel. =)

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