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Friday, October 18, 2013

O' Crafty Day #17 - The Chalkboard that Holds Magnets!

Are you ready for another (long-awaited if you don't count Daiso Maniac) craft tutorial? I know I am ready to share this relatively simple project with you.

I'm sure most of us crafters/DIY-ers have gone through the chalkboard phase (it's been really rad this past year and it still is) and I guess most of you already have the know-how in making any surface a chalkboard. But what about this?

Magnetized chalk and clip with the help of tiny super magnets from Daiso!

A mini chalkboard that actually holds magnets? If you're interested in how I made it, read on!

So, the materials that I used are:

- Martha Stewart's Magnetic Paint
- Martha Stewart's Chalkboard Paint in brown
- Canvas board 12" x 16"
- Make up sponges from daiso
- Chopsticks
- A large plastic bag/sheet to protect my work area

I started with painting 4 coats of magnetic paint. But before each painting, I mixed the paint thoroughly with my chopsticks (I guess that's to evenly distribute the magnetic component). The paint's quite goopy, so the mixing took quite a while.

Using the same pair of chopsticks, I drizzled a generous amount of paint on the canvas and swiped the paint across the board with the make up sponge. To cover the whole board, I drizzled and swiped a couple of times. Each coat was let dry for 1 hour before the next coat.

My third coat of magnetic paint

After the last coat of magnetic paint, I let the paint set for 24 hours. After setting the magnetic paint, I proceeded with painting 3 coats of chalkboard paint. Like the magnetic paint, the chalkboard paint needed to be let dry 1 hour in between coats.

After the last coat, l waited another day before conditioning the board for chalk use. To condition the board, I rubbed the side of my chalk over the entire board.

That's a little crazy... I did wipe down the chalk powder a bit.. And voila! My own magnetic chalkboard!

A little note though.. The board works better with strong magnets.

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