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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Under the Weather x A Visit to the 'The Made in Singapore Market'

Hi guys~~ Sorry for this late posting. Had wanted to post this earlier but I was sick for most part of the week thus far and I'm still sounding pretty nasal. (plus there's something I'm not too sure of and it's still too early to check.. if you know what I'm talking about.. =P)

Anyways, Ed (or XB aka the hubby) and I went down to the 'The Made in Singapore Market' last Saturday. Organized by the Makers of Singapore, this 2-day event showcased some of our local independent crafters, including 3D printing designers, rubber stamp carver, ceramic pottery artists, leather crafters, tie makers, letterpressing designers and etc!

The first thing I did when I reached there was to make a visit to Jo's (of Lovesprout) booth. Jo's an avid rubber stamp carver and she's quite an artist too. I got to learn the proper way of carving a rubber stamp first from her during a craft session almost 2 years ago. I learnt a great deal from her and although rubber stamp carving is not my main hobby, it's really therapeutic when I'm at it.

Jo and her booth. You could design and stamp your own tote bag!

Jo was selling some rubber blocks and ink pads; and I was so tempted to get more rubber blocks. But I held back my temptation (just because I still have some in my stash) and got 3 packs of Tsukineko's Soramame ink pad sets instead. Yes, I just couldn't get enough of inks....

Inks that I got

After hanging around Jo's wonderful world of rubber stamp carving and stamping, Ed and I roamed about the different booths, fascinated by some of the works.

Liberty Coffee had a make-shift cafe there too and I wondered why Ed was contemplating so hard whether to get a cuppa. He didn't in the end, but he could have. There were also demonstrations held throughout the day, and we managed to catch the Ceramic Pottery demonstration by Weekend Worker.

The processes charted

Wheel throwing demonstration

Making a vase

Recently, I have an obsession with ceramic/porcelain type of things and I am really interested in learning the art. Earlier this month, I was already planning to take up some classes this coming June but.. we'll see..

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