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Monday, March 24, 2014

Remade Giant Bottlecap Resin Coaster

Remember the one failed resin coaster I made last year? I finally completed the second version!

While I was mixing some resin for the tiered display stand, I decided that I should really finish up of the coaster, since I might be meeting up with my friend soon (yeah, we hadn't managed to meet up since last Christmas). I don't know why I had taken so long, but I guess I was putting off this project to focus on some of the shop stuffs. 

This time round, I sealed all the porous pieces (ie. background paper, scrabble pieces, miniature cars, basket) with mod podge before all the resin work. (Guess what? I did all the sealing months ago! =X ) And instead of doing one layer of resin to secure the pieces and another thick layer of resin to fill up the bottlecap, I did 3 pours, so as to minimize any trapped bubbles.

I still get a bunch of bubbles near the basket (in my second layer) which I was too late to discover, but the rest of the piece is pretty much bubble-free. Yay!

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