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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walking is Mandatory..

The other half and I were back from our wedding anniversary trip to Tokyo & Hakone and while it's hardly a revelation, our free & easy trips seemed to pack a punch of leg exercises. Perhaps it was all my bad since I did most of the itineraries..

Not wanting to be selfish and treat myself to daily craft shopping, I dedicated some days for basking in Mother nature (Ed loves nature and wildlife photography) and left the others for my crafty cravings.

With the pleasant air-con temperatures to aid us, we hiked at Mount Takao & Mount Mitake, wandered around Hakone and walked kilometers just to find all the shops in my list of must-go-to craft places (I'll have another post solely on craft shopping in Tokyo). All of these within a single short week, besides the 2 days spent mostly on flying.

And talking about flying.. We were lucky enough to miss Typhoon Phanfone by a day and it was already fine weather by the time we were going to land at Haneda. Who knew a second typhoon would hit Japan again! Thank God the tropical depression hit Tokyo while we were sleeping safely in our hotel room (I did stay up a bit.. It was weird to experience a colder version of the monsoon-like storm in this subtropical city..) and by the time we needed to take a train back to Haneda airport later in the morning, it was blue skies and sunshine.

Inariyama trail @ Mount Takao.. It's slopes, steps and more steps..

Lake Ashi @ Hakone

Owakudani @ Hakone. We could only see the bottom part of Mount Fuji.. ==

Reserved this onsen in our ryokan. Just for us! But I KO-ed in less than 10 minutes. TOO.HOT!

Was it some kind of mass school excursion day?? Students everywhere at the Hakone Open Air museum.

Zentangled~~ @ Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku

Jaw dropped at the picturesque Rock Garden @ Mount Mitake

Passed by the pristine Tamagawa while walking back to Mitake station. 

Jiyugaoka Megami Matsuri Wagon Sale

Tokyo Skytree

Okay, we did get to see Mount Fuji... From the plane..


Anonymous said...

Chanced upon your blog from facebook.

Nice to read your entries about your trip to Japan. :)


Rhinestic said...

Hi Xiuling, welcome to my blog! :)

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