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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mad Men Challenge - Betty's Dress

Yes, yes, yes.. I almost thought I can't make it! And so, I used this Betty Draper's dress as an inspiration:


And here're the end results with some faux 60s photography effects!




Here's the dress in it's original off-white base + tiny blue flowers:


What do you think? Do you also feel that the dress is more Peggy-ish than Betty-ish? =] The style of the skirt is also different from Betty's. There're pleats on the center front, back and the sides. (which explains the folds in the front of my skirt.. =P)

Anyhow, I used 2 different patterns and had a wild ride trying to attach the bodice to the skirt.. (thus a failed first attempt). The top is based on this 70-ish looking dress from a Japanese pattern book and the skirt portion is from the re-print of this wonderful vintage vogue dress pattern.


I'm also delighted to be able to apply Hongkong binding to the skirt side seams and button closure area..


... As well as using a lace trim to finish off the bottom hem of the skirt. Really like the results!


Also quickly whipped up a petticoat that's worn under the dress. Well, since it's done so hastily, it doesn't have the nicest sewing and finishing.. But, it did a really great job poofing up the skirt! I got the pattern from a Japanese Gothic Lolita sewing magazine.


Sewing notes:
Betty Draper dress
Material: Cotton-polyester blend floral fabric, light-weight interfacing
Notions: Buttons, metal snaps, bias tape, lace trim
Patterns: Dress made of my Favorite Cloth by Michiko Kayaki, Vogue Vintage Original 1956-1957 Design V1044

Material: Polyester lining, tulle
Notions: bias tape, lace trim, elastic tape
Patterns: Goth Loli Vol 10


Alice said...

I don't watch Mad Men, so I can't comment on whether your dress is more Peggy or Betty, but I can say it's really dreamily beautiful!

I think it's just lovely.

Rhinestic said...

=D Thanks, Alice!

Milenushka said...

I absolutely love your version! found you through Julia Bobbin's sew along, and I am a new follower:) Would love to see you at my place as well !

p.s. I actually have a few questions about this project of yours, so I hope you read comments. If you do -please let me know:)

Rhinestic said...

Thank you, Milenushka! I've just posted a comment over at your latest post in your blog =)

Unknown said...

This dress is adorable!! Just stumbled upon your blog look forward to seeing your other creations. Gorgeous dress you look like a princess!

Rhinestic said...

Thank you!

Quattre said...

It's really nice! I'm thinking of making one, too!

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a lovely dress - and how fab you made your own petticoat - definitely need to make one of these for myself!


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